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Why do we charge an entry fee for the grounds of our Shediac Lobster Festival? Well, it’s to keep the good times rolling smoothly and safely! Your contribution helps us cover all the essentials: from top-notch security to keep everyone safe, to those oh-so-important porta-potties, and all the other installations we need to make our festival an enjoyable and fun place to be.


It also helps us fund some of the free activities we offer during the festival like our parade, activities at the park amongst others. And let’s not forget the amazing team that brings everything together! We’re all about making this festival accessible, so we keep the fees as low as possible, ensuring everyone can join in the fun and celebrate our vibrant community.


The entry fee will give you access to the grounds and these activities:

  1. Shows in the P'tite Tent presented by Pumphouse: Discover over 18 artists.

  2. New! Culinary Stage presented by Shediac Lobster Shop: Featuring renowned chefs and more than 10 demonstrations to enjoy!

  3. New! Pavilion Space: Come and explore our new pavilion area, where festival partners and artisans will introduce you to new experiences.

  4. "La Trappe" Restaurant: Enjoy delicious lobster poutine, a lobster dinner, pizza, and many other new menu items this summer.

  5. Fair rides: In addition to the entry ticket, you can purchase your bracelets for Campbell's Amusements in advance.

It will still be possible to pay the entry fee at the door as in previous years.

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