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Participation Agreement MICROBREWERY : Ales and Tails

Event Date: Saturday, July 6th 2024
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location: Shediac Multifunctional Center (58 Festival Street)

Suggested Beer for the event (3): (Name and ANBL product #) 

*The Festival will buy the beer through ANBL up to 300$ worth of product total. 

*Beer shall be brought to the event by microbrewery. 

*Beer quantities need to be sufficient for a 2 hour tasting session (sold out capacity : 375 tickets).

Electricity needs at your station (15 amp)
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Agreement details

Between The Shediac Lobster Festival hereinafter referred to as FESTIVAL and the Microbrewery hereinafter referred to as PROVIDER:

FESTIVAL agrees to:

  • Buy through ANBL up to 300$ worth of product total. 

  • Provide (1) station for each participating restaurant with (2) tables (with tablecloth), pipe and drape and decor for the event.  

  • Provide :

    • Booth size 8’ x 10’

    • (1) 36’’ x 36’’ sign per brewery for proper and consistent booth identification
      *This will remain Festival property and is not to be taken by the breweries

  • Provide live entertainment during the event : popular local solo artist Phil Black 

  • Provide runners for clean up during the event and post event.

  • Give 2 concert tickets to each brewery to our Main concert the same evening from 9pm – 12:30pm (Bands playing for this event : Melanie Morgan, The Mellotones and Signal Hill) 
    *The Festival will not pay any travel or accommodation costs for the participating breweries.

PROVIDER agrees to:

  • Provide and serve the chosen beer as indicated by this agreement.

  • Bring on-site all equipment necessary for serving the beer
    *Small beer glasses will be provided by the Festival

  • Provide a maximum of (2) people at the station for the service of the beer.

  • Promote the event on your social media platforms. 

  • Clear the stations prior to attending the concert as there is an event the next day and the room needs to be prepped that same night by our staff. 

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