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Registration Form for the Lobster Eating Contest

Personal Information
Consent Statement

I, the undersigned

confirm that all information provided in this form is accurate. I understand and accept the risks associated with participating in the Lobster Eating Contest. By signing this form, I waive any claims against the organizers of the Shediac Lobster Festival in case of injury or incident occurring during the event.

Contest Rules
  1. Each participant must eat 2 lobsters within a limited time without using utensils. The person who finishes their lobster the fastest wins.

  2. The judges' decisions are final and without appeal.

  3. Participants must follow all instructions from the organizers during the contest.

Please indicate the date(s) you would like to participate, and we will confirm your participation in one of the contests based on availability.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the email address below:

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