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Participation Agreement - RESTAURANT: Corks and Claws

Event Date: Saturday, July 13th 2024
Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: Shediac Multipurpose Center (58 Festival Street) 

Choice of appetizer: (Please send us your choice of appetizer that you would like to serve, and we will confirm with you the possibility of offering it while ensuring there is no duplication):
*There must be 1 oz of lobster per appetizer
*Fryers are not allowed inside
*You do not have access to the kitchen of the Shediac multipurpose center to prepare or assemble your food.

Wine Suggestions: (Suggest one white and one red wine - the suggestion must not exceed $20)

Lobster Preference
Electricity needs at your station (15 amp)
Upload File


Agreement details

Between The Shediac Lobster Festival hereinafter referred to as FESTIVAL and the Restaurant hereinafter referred to as PROVIDER:

FESTIVAL agrees to:

  • Deliver 1 oz of lobster to PROVIDER for each ticket sold (with a 5% surplus) by July 10th, 2024 *a maximum of 375 tickets available. A maximum of 400 oz of lobster will be provided.

  • Compensate PROVIDER with $6 + HST for each ticket sold. *A maximum of 375 tickets available. A maximum of $2400 + HST will be paid to PROVIDER for 400 portions if the event is sold out. The participating restaurant's invoice must be received by July 19th, 2024.

  • Provide a well-decorated room for the occasion.

  • Confirm the final number of required portions by July 3rd, 2024, at the latest.

  • Provide (1) station for each participating restaurant with (2) tables (with tablecloth) and (1) volunteer per station to serve the accompanying wine.


PROVIDER agrees to:

  • Provide and serve the chosen food as indicated by this agreement.

  • Bring on-site all equipment and utensils necessary for the preparation, temperature control, and service of the food.

  • Provide, at a minimum, (1) person at the station for the final preparation and service of the offered food.

  • Ensure that each offered portion contains 1 oz of lobster.

  • Suggest one white and one red wine (Must not exceed $20).

  • Promote the event on your social media platforms. 

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