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The official accommodation choice of the Shediac Lobster Festival

Cap Bimet

Hôtel de la Plage

Hôtel de la Plage is a luxurious 5-bedroom oceanfront villa located steps away from Cap Bimet beach with a private heated area and spectacular oceanfront and sunset views. Enjoy the salty sea air and the soothing rhythm of the waves that provide a moment of relaxation.

Downtown Shediac

Hôtel du Vieux Port

Steepd in history, and built at the end of the Victorian period, this three-story boutique hotel features 7 unique rooms and suites that seamlessly bblends the charm and historical architectural elements with a modern, oceanside design of soft, sandy hues inspired by the acadian coast.

Downtown Moncton

Maison Évangéline

Our locations are designed, built, operated, and locally owned by Bower Hospitality Group Inc., headquartered in Downtown Moncton, New-Brunswick. With a modern design aesthetic and styled with historic charm, our collection of 5 Boutique Hotels are tailored to the modern traveller.

For more accomodations, please visit Expérience Shediac
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